Friday, January 20, 2012

Lada Gaga: The Poster Child For Pre-Op/Transgender Surgeries

Now, there has been many stories about Pop singer, Lady Gaga's, gender just as much has been said about her being a hermaphrodite who is getting surgery to have herself totally as she presents;a woman....but whatever.
What is interesting is that there is an actress
who has had the best surgery that money can buy and has practically been undetected since her time in Hollywood as one of the most beautiful starlets to ever be on the silver screen.
She was born and bred in Tennessee as a boy named Tim Miller but looking at her/him now, one would never have known; the exception being those who she told in addition to her "barely can hold a job in televised series" actor husband of roughly a year.
Funny how she really got into character of being a woman as she went as far as to stage a pregnancy by wearing a prostetic but when the likes of Beyonce and other actual women had their pregnancies announced, she went back to being the bikini clad vixen we know her as.
Who is she?

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