Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blind Item: Holding On To The Past

 He is one of the most famous singers in metal, alternative music. Leave it to fans to go as far as to say that he
is the best ever in the genre. His performances usually start as fairly mellow before he goes into a whirlwind of fits on stage.
Sometimes, it appears as if he is exorcising a demon out of himself. Til this day, no other artist, male or female, has ever been able to bend and contort his physical in the manner that he does.
He sings with just as much rage as he does with passion but often times, rage overwhelms his art because he hasn't been able to talk about what happened to him for the fear of embarrassment or being thought as homosexual. His gaunt, effeminate appearance, right down to his frequently colored hair and nail polish, don't help matters much.
He has not yet forgiven an NFL athlete, who sexually assaulted him years ago simply because he "looked weak". Part of his inability to forgive, and hold on to resentment, has caused a lot of strife in his career and is part of the reason why the group he was the lead for disbanded only to reunite years later (under the impression that he has moved on pas the pain).
The  effects of his attack lingers til this day just as much as the fact that this athlete, had threatened to kill him should he report the incident. To make matters worse, this athlete has a reputation for being rough on the field and had been cited several times for his violent outburst against players and the reason why he is no longer in the league.
Who is the singer?
Who is the NFL athlete known for his violent outburst?

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