Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Billie Dee Williams:Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen!

Now, I am not one to argue with women who said that actor, Billie Dee Williams, was hands down, one of the most handsome actor in Hollywood.
Besides, there were to many acrylic nails and heels to dodge to play devil's advocate in voicing otherwise for self amusement.
Interesting how a man's looks can go to his head and therefore, hinder his personal and professional relationships with others. It never seemed to surprise me how women can go from drooling over this man until meeting him and find that his personality does not quite mesh with his looks...which he used to take advantage of most women; particularly those with working relationships with him either as budding actresses or those who have an impressive body of work.
Now, as long as Mr. Williams stayed "in his lane" in relevance to which women to harangue for "dates"; meaning, black women, then, nothing would be said or done to him as far as reprimanding as a threat to his career.
However, I gather that the actor and creme de la creme of black Hollywood was really smelling himself because he tried the same tactics on a once popular 70's white actress that practically shut his career down. She has always been a bit of a Plain Jane but nevertheless, one of the most sought after for parts that required being scantily dressed.
His approaching her and riding on his good looks was the result of his loosing silver screen debuts to mere  he Colt 45 commercials.
Who is she?

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