Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blind Item: Is She Finally Seeing A Man "Her Own Age"?

After playing in the neighborhood and school house sandboxes for years, is she really seeing a man who is her age?

It is highly likely since she is experiencing difficulties in landing a boy these days. She managed to keep a rather youthful appearance for years. I gather through proper diet and exercise. However, father time always know how to make a debut on the most pixie of us.
By the way, she is still considered one of the most sexiest women in entertainment and men in her age group did not understand why she was so hell bent on being with men not that much older than her son.
This entertainer is known for wooing young boys with trinkets and occassionally waiting outside school lots to take home..that is until one of the boys' mother had caught wind and threatened to have her arrested; a devastating career move all within itself.
She is no stranger of pining over younger love lost but she seems to be coming to terms with one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors.
Who is she?

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